Friday, 8 July 2011

She said you know i love you.........

She said I love you, but keep on punishing me, not letting me seeing my son .How could I tale you ,we can fix the problem staying totether,my son is missing me. Don’t deprived him ,from my love ,he got no one in Australia other then you and me. She is not listening, my heart is breaking and I am getting physically sick as I stress to much about our future. I want them back, I don’t know how.

I am walking ....towards you

How could i live without you:(

This is my son,iam so proud of him.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

What can i do ?

My name is shohel. I and my wife malin have been  married for five years and we have a beautiful boy Obirban .He just turn 1 last 26th  may. I love my little family very much. I am from Bangladesh now Australian permanent resident and she is from Sweden, we met in a cooking school and fall in love .Every thing was going good we were happy to have beautiful boy. Three months ago her grandfather came from Sweden for six weeks, and he tried to implement his rules and system in our house. I have to sit and eat with him .put food for him on the plate, clean plates straight away, not to give my son too many toys and many things. I didn’t like that and my wife didn’t like it either, but she was reluctant to say no to his behavior. He was talking behind my back to my wife and our relationship went in different direction. We had argument and she left me with my son whom I looked after 24 hours a day for 9 months. She doesn’t want to contact with me and got an AVO against me ,condition is that i can not contact with them. As the grandfather went back to Sweden, he able to turn the whole family against me, which was selfish act to my concern. Now she is thinking about Swedish family ,not my son’s future.My son deprived from his fast birthday and will deprived from my love.
I contacted my father in law (peter) and according to him she got feelings for me as I got feeling for her, but we need a mediator to solve this problem. I got a number from internet (my second big mistake), his name is Michael chillemi,I called him up ,he sound ok that time. I gave his number to my wife and he managed to take 1000 dollars off her credit card to fix the problem, without even seeing him. He told me not to contact anyone in the family,told the same thing to my wife .He was asking for money from me as well from her, she didn’t know that. He managed to convince my wife this is for good. He was on the phone with us and making our life horrible.
When court gives permission to talk my wife, he told my wife not to talk to me, not let me see my son. The main reason is, if we do not talk to each other, he will get money from both of us. He was using our soft point get money. He never wanted this family to work; if the family works he will not get any money.
Now he is asking for more money and threatening me to send me to jail.

 I don’t know how could I say, I love my wife and son so much, they are my life.. I am willing to do anything to get them back. If things happen like this, there will be no family left. She doesn’t have anyone here in Australia to support her. She does not let me see my son and seems like it’s a big punishment to become a father. Please help me to get my family back.